10 Ways to Avoid Slippery Roads & Costly Collisions

25 October 2011

Winter is upon us dumping snow and ice everywhere. Of course, this means that when driving on icy roads your car is at greater risk for skids and collisions. First and foremost, a skidding car is almost always caused by the error of the driver, not the poor weather conditions. This means a dangerous mishap can be avoided.

I’d rather you were safe this season so here are Ten Helpful Hints to keep you out of harm’s way:

1.You can avoid sliding by reducing your speed (naturally).

2.Increase your stopping distances up to ten times greater than normal conditions

3.Skids are the result of pushing grip levels to the limit, or steering, braking and accelerating too harshly.

4.Be careful and reduce your speed around turns.

5.Gently and progressively steer and break.

6.Look for early signs of ice forming on the road. You can tell by checking if ice has formed on the windows of parked cars.

7.If the temperatures are freezing you want to be wary of rain because it is the predecessor to ‘black ice’ which is really transparent.

8.Try to avoid braking hard on slippery roads. This can cause your brakes to lock and the result is usually long, drawn out and potentially harmful skids.

9.If you do accelerate too fast and your tires begin to spin quickly put them into a higher gear.

10.If you find yourself skidding while in the middle of a turn remove your foot from the accelerator and avoid using the brake.

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