Do I Need Liability Insurance For My Vehicle?

27 October 2011

Liability insurance coverage is a coverage that protects the other person’s damages sustained from a vehicle accident that your vehicle may have caused. The liability insurance coverage includes property damage and bodily injury for damages that may have been sustained to the other person or persons involved in the accident.

Yes, in most cases based on your state you are required to carry liability insurance coverage for your vehicle. Usually in most states there is a minimum liability policy limit that your state requires that you carry for your liability insurance coverage.

You may want to consider checking with your insurance carrier or the Department of Insurance website for your particular state to secure the liability insurance minimal limit law requirement for your state. In addition, consider carrying more than the minimal amount of liability insurance coverage required by your state. As you may be aware, the cost of repairing vehicles these days is signficant.

If you hit a vehicle which may be a sports car, luxury vehicle or an SUV, you could be looking at several thousand dollars in vehicle repair costs. In addition, if the person in the other vehicle is injured the medical bills incurred could be very expensive as well.

As most of us know, the cost of medical care has skyrocketed and continues to increase each and every year. So, by having good liability insurance coverage protection for bodily injury and property damage caused to the other person involved in the accident with your vehicle is really a smart move on your part.

Now also consider the possibility that you may hit more than one vehicle in an accident and you become liable for taking care of the damages for all of the other vehicles involved. This could be a very costly experience for you especially if you do not have enough liability insurance coverage to protect you.

If there is not enough liability insurance coverage on your vehicle policy you may become personally liable for paying the remainder of what is owed to the other person or persons involved in the accident with your vehicle out of your own pocket. This could really hurt your bank account or perhaps you do not have enough money to cover all of the damages caused from the accident and the other person comes after you directly for your personal assets such as your home, wages, etc… I think you get the picture, so, don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you check to see that you have enough liability insurance coverage to protect you. You will be happy that you did in the long run.

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