Looking To Buy A Classic Car

14 October 2011

When you look at buying a classic car it is very important that you do your research and buy the right one for you. 

Think about what you want to do with your classic car, if you want it for occasional use then most models will probably be OK. If you want to use it as your day to day car then you need to be a bit more careful about which one you buy. Write a list of your favourite classic cars, then remove those that are not going to be practical for your circumstances.

Next cross off those cars that are outside your budget. Consider not just the cost of buying the car, but also the cost of running and maintaining the car. Make a list of the cost of obvious things like insurance, but also include the cost of items you have to regularly replace such as tyres. Parts like tyres can be very expensive for some classic cars. 

Start to visit classic car shows to see some of the cars that are still on your list. You can often chat to owners and examine the cars at close quarters. Doing this will help you to further understand whether those cars are going to be practical for you to own. 

Some classic cars need specialist care, all classic cars require very good maintenance. Because of this you need to be sure that you have a garage or mechanic that can do the necessary work for you within a reasonable distance from your home.

Now that you have decided which car you want to own you can begin your search. Look in local newspapers, on-line, at auctions and in specialist car magazines. Also contact the makes owner club, they often list cars for sale.

Once you have found the car that you are interested in go and look at it, but take a good mechanic with you. By this time you should know from the owners club, the weaknesses of the vehicle you are interested in. During the inspection ask your mechanic to pay particular attention to those areas, looking for emerging problems or problems that have been covered up.

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