Major Tips for Tire Safety!

10 October 2011

Whether one is driving a family car, truck, motorcycle or an SUV, he or she needs to follow some important tips to keep tires in a good condition always. This is because regular use of any vehicle can cause wear of tires. So, it is extremely important to concentrate on various important factors like rotation of the tires, checking air pressure, timely inspection etc to keep them in an appropriate condition.

We all are aware of the fact that entire weight of the vehicle lies on tires. These are very important parts for any of the vehicle and needs to be maintained in a proper way. There is a huge possibility of road accidents with damaged or old tires. Moreover, using them at a high speed also has devastating affects. But, most of the individuals do not pay attention towards this fact.

In order to keep them in better condition always, it is very important to take care of following three factors:


First and the foremost factor which should be given priority is rotation of tires. If you want a long-life for them, it is important to rotate them on different wheels from time to time. This is because; tires in front wear more frequently because of the engine’s weight. So, these should be rotated from time to time to keep them in a good condition.

Checking air pressure on a regular basis

This is another important factor that should be taken care of.  Checking air pressure on a regular basis also helps in keeping them in better conditions always. One should get the air pressure checked at least once in a month. Unequal air pressure can cause irregular wear and tear of this part. In both winter and summer seasons, the air pressure needs to be appropriate. Under conditions of high pressure, the driver would not feel comfortable while driving.

Low air pressure inside a tire results in erratic wear and is the major cause of its failures. Moreover, it also affects handling and steering. On the other hand, accurate air pressure helps in

  • Increasing tire casing life
  • Reducing their irregular wear and tear,
  • less overheating

Regular inspection of tires

Tire inspection is also an important task to check tires for any kind of scratches, pits and cracks. The interior and exterior condition of tires is checked properly to ensure one enjoys a safe drive.

If all these factors are given priority, one can expect better results both in terms of driving fun and safety.

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Apollo Mufflers is an auto service centre located in Vancouver region of British Columbia which comes equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipments to provide customers with quality vehicle repair and maintenance services.

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