The Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2011 Honda Civic

23 October 2011

Honda Civics are well-regarded by customers and experts alike for their engineering quality and customer satisfaction, and the 2011 Honda Civic, in many respects follows upon this tradition. Honda plans on releasing a new Civic in 2012, making the 2011 model seem to be a wasted purchase if it’s the last in the line. However, the 2011 Honda Civic is so refined and well-constructed that you would not go wrong taking a chance on this fading classic. You may not have a chance ever again! Here are the top ten reasons to buy that 2011 Honda Civic right now:

1) The car still looks good, especially in comparison to its competitors. Honda hasn’t fixed what’s not broken, as it has only made small tweaks to the inside and outside design over the past few years. Thus, you know what you’re getting – a sleek, high quality design that will be competitive even when the 2012 model appears.

2) The interior is quite good for cars of its class. The dashboard, with a digital display of your speed and other important metrics, looks sleek and futuristic. There is plenty of room in the sedan model in the backseat, and it is still quite roomy, through cramped, in the two-door coupe model.

3) You have a wide variety of types of Civic to purchase based on your needs and price range. As with recent models, your choices begin with the DX models, and then move up to LX, EX, EX-L, and Si. You can get all of these types in both two-door and four-door.

4) You don’t have to worry about being put under pressure to buy options, as the options available are grouped together under the types of vehicles noted in #3. Thus, you can simply pick the level of car you want and go. Of course, there are some other features that are optional, but the list is smaller than that you’d see for another car.

5) You’ll get great gas mileage. With the rising cost of fuel, this is important, as you’ll get 25 miles to the gallon in the city, and 36 on the highway. The engine in the 2011 Honda Civic balances well the demands of power and the necessity of fuel economy, so you’ll be sure to keep up with speed and acceleration on the highway even with the compact car engine.

6) If saving the environment is a passion, go ahead and try the 2011 Civic Hybrid model. This model may be more expensive at first, but it will save you money in fuel over the long haul – and it will help prevent further global warming too. You should expect 40 city and 43 highway.

7) A Civic can fit into nearly any budget. The general price of the car sits between $16,555-$27,900.

8) The 2011 Honda Civic rides very nice for a compact car. You can expect a smooth experience no matter when and where you drive. This is due to the excellent suspension that Civics carry for its class, one that makes the ride smooth but also makes handling top notch.

9) You’ll probably get good discounts from dealers who want to get rid of the car to make way for the new 2012 model. Granted, your resale value will hurt due to this as well, but this should be made up for with the discounts that you receive.

10) Honda has quality customer service. You know you won’t get the run around when you deal with the company. Since Honda Civics are very popular and in good supply, you won’t have to pay a ton of money for the cost of parts.

Author: Robert has been covering the Automotive Market for many years. From New cars to used cars, Cars to Trucks. One of his all time favorite cars is the Honda Civic – find a 2011 Honda Civic today!

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