The Volkswagen Transporter

12 October 2011

The Volkswagen Transporter is a fine machine that can generally be characterized as strong, feels luxurious and generally refined.

The features of the Volkswagen Transporter include a number of things. It brings with it a number of engine choices, all of them generally more fuel efficient and considering how the price of fuel is shooting up again, this fact alone might sell it to a lot of people. Those engines are also far quieter. The Volkswagen Transporter also has Bluetooth integration now and improved safety through four-wheel drive. It’s a highly competitive option as it is aggressively priced.

The features of the Volkswagen Transporter also include its familiar and generally user friendly layout and dashboard. The dials and instruments have a red/white on black colour scheme, making it readily visible. The dashboard radio is swankier and generally just looks better. Generally, everything has only improved since the first time the Transporter went on the market.

The driver’s seat is adjustable a number of ways, from height to reach and rake and is comfortable enough to make long drives possible. Other options are available should the user require, such as an impressive satellite navigation system, a steering wheel and knob covered in leather. Air conditioning is a popularly added option.

The Transporter doesn’t mess around it is driven by the newest Volkswagen diesel engines. At its best, it’s a slick little van that can zoom around town with the greatest of ease. Generally, having more stuff inside it affects the driving and mobility of the van little, though that may certainly change depending on how huge the load is. Most of the time, with a full load it will have trouble getting past eighty miles per hour – though in an urban setting that doesn’t make a difference as there are speed limits.

Generally, it is a solid van that is easily worth its price. It comes with reversing sensors, making it easy to use even for novice drivers. The vehicle has not suffered from any recalls and peer reviews indicate that it is a tough and durable machine that rarely – if ever – breaks down, though when it does customer service from Volkswagen is easy to talk to and easy to contact. Small businesses who want to utilize a van should seriously consider it.

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