An Overview of Diesel Fuel

23 November 2011

The only similarity between diesel engine and the fuel engine is that they are each belonging to internal combustion engine. However, the difference between them lies in the process of ignition.

The fuel engine uses sparks to ignite the fuel where as diesel engine compresses the fuel in the burning chamber. Therefore, the working of gasoline or fuel engine is slightly different from diesel engine.

Gasoline or fuel engine or comparatively lighter than diesel engine and also the evaporation process of fuel in diesel engine is much slower than fuel engine. The energy density of fuel in diesel engine is quite high, which results in better energy efficiency. This high density of fuel in diesel pump makes it popular among other fuel engines.

How Diesel Pump or Diesel Injection Pump Works

Diesel signAs the diesel fuel pump or diesel fuel injection pump compresses fuel in the combustion chamber for ignition, it infuses or injects the fuel straight into the cylinder. Once the super compressed heated air comes in contact inside the cylinder the diesel fuel ignites. In this regard it is important to note the two type of fuel ignition in diesel fuel pump:

Direct Injection: The direct fuel injection type is intrinsically a noisy form of diesel injection pump. In direct injection pump the fuel is ride at the top of combustion chamber. The fuel consumption is 15-20% better than other fuel delivery pumps.

Indirect Injection: The fuel efficiency is reduced by 5-10% in indirect injection process. In this process the fuel is first delivered to the ante-chamber or pre-chamber for initial combustion. After that the fuel is injected to the main chamber for final combustion.

The diesel fuel pump is fairly a strong and complicated system. It can be located anywhere depending in the engine depending upon the requirements of different vehicles. Now we will briefly discuss some of the important part of the diesel injection pump.

Cold Start Valves

In carbureted engine it is much like a choke. These valves deliver the mixture of fuel and air at the beginning to let the process start. The fundamental parts of these valves contain gaskets, o-rings and valves themselves.

Diesel Injection Pumps

Diesel injection pumps, as the name suggest pumps the fuel to the injectors to make the delivery of fuel available for further injection process. Some of the common components are; diesel injection pump solenoid, diesel injection pump seal, diesel injection pump gasket etc

Diesel Injector

Diesel injector is the main part of the whole mechanism. The injectors are there to actually help in the injection the fuel. Diesel injector heat shield, diesel fuel line bracket, diesel fuel thermostat, diesel cigar hose etc are some of its important component.

Diesel Vacuum Pumps

They are meant to create the required vacuum which is required to pull out the fuel. Important parts of diesel vacuum pump are; vacuum control valve, diesel vacuum pump repair kit, diesel vacuum pump gasket etc.

Like any other fuel injection pump, the quality of diesel fuel pump is also improving with the everyday development in this sector.

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