Fixing a Vehicle’s Heater

9 November 2011

Modern vehicles are coming fully equipped with all the required components which are useful to the drivers for driving in any type of weather conditions. For instance, air conditioner is there for the hot weather conditions and similarly heater to facilitate the drivers to drive in cold weather.

A car heater keeps the interior of the car warm by circulating the hot coolant from the engine with the help of a device, which resembles to small radiator. The major components of an automobile radiator are blowing motor or fan, the hoses and the core of heater is called the radiator. Here we will discuss the ways to repair or fix the car heater.


1. Make sure that the hoses of the heater are in good condition. Examine different components of the heater for possible blockages and damages. If your vehicle has summer valve, then it must be open.

2. If your blowing motor is not functioning properly, check the fuse, connectors and all the switches. In some vehicles blowing motors have resistors as well which on frequent use gets burn and needs replacement. You can use ohmmeter to check the resistors.

3. If you find your blower motor out of order, replace it and be sure to follow the proper guide lines given in the vehicle’s service manual. In many cases you need to drain out the cooling fluid and also disassemble the dashboard partly. This all need to be done according to the instructions given in service manual.

4. Heater core is the main component of heating system. There are a number of ways to replace it. Heater core is generally located in the housing unit, which is either against the firewall in the engine compartment or ender the dashboard. If heater core needs replacement, follow the instructions given in the service manual and replace it accordingly.

5. Take a small ride on your vehicle to check whether heater is working or not. The best way is to buy an ice cream and drive back home. It melts on your way back home means your heater is working.

Tips & Suggestions

– It is recommended to use gloves and goggles while working on your vehicles engine or especially on radiator.
– Don not work on a radiator while engine is hot, because it might burn your hands as the coolant inside takes some time to cool down.
– Every time you change the heater core you must need to change the thermostat as well.
– An ohmmeter or volt ohmmeter (VOM) can be used to check or measure the resistance in an electric circuit and the amount of voltage present in the circuit respectively.
To check and replace the heating system of the vehicle might become simple for you by following the above directions. It is important to check the important components of the vehicles for better performance and results.

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