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9 December 2011

Its very common for brand new cars taken off the forecourt to have included some type of complementary breakdown cover 3 years free cover can be gotten as a perk when purchasing a new vehicle. You wouldn’t expect a new vehicle to suffer from a breakdown but any car can suffer from a burst/flat tyre or dead battery. Even if you make and error such as running out of fuel, lock yourself out of your car or get a flat tyre then you can receive help.

One important thing that breakdown cover can do is provide mental assurance that If your car breaks down you won’t be left in a helpless situation and you can rest assured that you will be provided withrapid help to get you on the go again. To be entitled to help the person must fit the breakdown criteria of the breakdown policy taken out. If a breakdown occurs the person experiencing the breakdown calls the breakdown provider giving them details about their situation and where they are and the company would come to their rescue.

For some people car breakdown cover is something not even considered until they realise they should of thought of it before, they are experiencing a breakdown situation, stressing and not knowing what they can do now. You should probably take a few moments to think if you are covered or need and if you have bought a new car did it come with cover.

Imagine your driving along the country when suddenly you realise the power to your car starts to fail, you start to panic at the possibility of what may happen, you should immediately pull over to somewhere safe and then give reassurance to passengers. Once you have handled the initial problem, you should start to calm down and have the chance to collect your thoughts. Your options are quite limited, unless you’re a qualified mechanic with the tools and parts needed to repair your carfrom the breakdown then you don’t have much of a choice but to sit and wait for someone to come to your aid. Depending on the circumstances this can be an incredibly stressful, if its dark at night, your on your own or with the responsibility of others or maybe even the freezing winter with no engine to heat you up. Being broken down can be a serious situation.

Is it worth it? Not taking out breakdown recovery service attempting to save yourself a bit of money, maybe but ask yourself, How would you cope if your car did breakdown? No doubt if the situation did arise and you were left stranded you will look for help. if you didn’t know alreadyYou can become a member of a breakdown assistance company if you’re currently broken down but it’s going to cost you. You will have to pay immediate service charge just for joining which can be anything around £100 in addition is also the price of the level of cover you are taking out. finallySome companies will add a fee for the time the mechanic works on your car and charge you if your car needs to be towed by each mile. You can tell that getting assistance from a breakdown situation without cover is going to hurt your wallet, quite easily costing you quite a bitmore than what you have saved by not getting cover.

Levels of cover entitle the user to different levels of assistance if all you have is the entry level of breakdown cover you will receive assistance from a patrol man and if they can’t get you started then you will be taken to a local garage. The most common additional levels of breakdown cover are a relay/recovery service which gives the user access to a tow to any destination in the United Kindom not just the local tow you can get with roadside cover. The final popular level of assistance you can take out is breakdown assistance at your home, if you don’t have home start you typically have to be at least quarter of a mile away from your registered home address to get assistance.


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