Driving in the Rain

5 December 2011

No, it’s not “Singing in the rain” nor is it “Dancing in the rain”; it’s that scary thing called “Driving in the rain”. As you’ve probably already noticed, there are many accidents whenever it rains; whether it be on the street or on the freeway, you’ll most likely see a car facing the wrong way on the side of the road. Thankfully, this article should help keep you & your family safer when you head out & drive on that slippery, wet road.

The very first thing that you want to do is make sure that your windshield wipers & windows are clean, which means inside and out. Since it’s usually cold when it rains, you should defrost your windows when you first jump in your car & wait until you are able to see clearly through that piece of glass. You should also clear the inside of your windows frequently if you’re a smoker from all smoke residue that you might happen to have lingering around there. Another good idea would be to check if all your headlights, brake lights, taillights, & turn signals are working properly. After or before you’re doing this, try to check your windshield’s motor & make sure it is functioning properly; also make sure that none of your wiper blades are worn down, split, or just plain broken.

As soon as it starts raining when you’re driving, or even drizzling, make sure your headlights switch & windshield wipers switch is in the “On” position. I know that most people exceed the average Speed Limit when it’s not raining, but when it is raining-whether it’s raining hard or just sprinkling a little-drive slower than the Speed Limit. This doesn’t mean 2 or 3 miles slower, drive a significant 5-10 miles slower to avoid any sudden halts that you might come across.

When you are driving this slow, also make sure that you keep a “Greater-than-Normal” space between you & the car in front of you; when you’re driving and when you’re waiting for a red light to Go Green. Let’s say you’re waiting at a red light & a car doesn’t stop in time & just hits you; this causes you to hit the car in front of you if you don’t leave enough space .. see what I’m saying?

If it just so happens to be raining that hard where you really can’t see the road, the best suggestion would probably be to pull over to the side & just let the rest of the cars pass .. if they decide to drive on when it’s raining that hard.

One extremely crucial thing to remember is that if you have the proper tires, & if they have enough tread on them, then you should be fine. I’m not saying you can drive through any rainstorm & be perfectly safe, I just simply mean that if you have these tires, you can probably get from Point A to Point B in one piece; which is how you get around anyway, right? Proper tires provide traction, which is the “thing” that prevents you from skidding, hydroplaning, & losing control when you’re driving in the rain; & trust me, hydroplaning is not a fun thing to do.

So I guess you can say that driving in the rain is a pretty dangerous & risky thing to do; but that’s only if you’re looking at the situation the way I’m looking at it .. so hopefully you are.


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