History of Audi Motor Company

14 January 2012

The corporation that fabricates the automobiles sold by Audi Oakland and supplementary Audi automobile dealerships perhaps can be dated to August Horch, who was the person whose corporation shaped the initial Horch automobile in 1901 in Zwickau situated in Germany. He was the person who was responsible to fabricate the company.

Horch: the pioneer of Audi motor company:

Horch was compelled to move out of the corporation in 1909 by means of his partners but he developed a fresh corporation in Zwickau and sustained to advertise automobiles with the Horch brand name. On the other hand, he was prosecuted by his previous associates for trademark violation and was compelled to cease from making use of his personal name for his fresh auto industrialized trade, which was the precursor of the Audi Corporation at the present situation that creates the automobiles sold by automobile dealerships such as Audi Oakland.

Re-establishment and growth history of Audi automobile company:

Horch along with his family decided to entitle the corporation Audi, the Latin remark for the German expression “Horch.” The corporation fused in the company of DKW, Wanderer and Horch in the year 1932 which led to the founding of the Auto Union. It was at some point in this phase that the 4 interconnected rings were initially utilized by the corporation, but barely for the Auto Union cars meant for the racing purpose. Every ring symbolizes the 4 companies which combined.

Partners and companions that established and fabricated Audi motor company:

Auto Union was completely under the authority of Daimler-Benz in the year 1959 and Volkswagen paid for the industrial unit situated in Ingolstadt, Germany and also the trade name of the Auto Union in the year 1964. Auto Union combined in the company of NSU in the year 1969 to turn out Audi NSU Auto Union AG. On the other hand, the companionship was cut down into Audi AG as soon as the NSU and Auto Union brands mislaid a little of their advertise petition in the year 1985.

Sales history of Audi:

Audi sales turn down near the beginning of the 1990s for the 80 series of Audi when little fundamental manufacturing problems were exposed. A “Sixty Minutes” statement in the U.S. exposed that the Audi auto picked up the pace even when the footbrake bar was pressed. It was afterward revealed that the accelerator and footbrake bars were positioned too narrowly which led to the driver puzzling them. Thus this drawback was identified and later removed and the present scenario is completely different.

Record sales statistics were recorded in twenty one out of the fifty foremost sales advertises in the year 2004.


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