Murcielago: Final Edition

27 January 2012

That’s right Lamborghini’s Famous Murcielago has reached the end of its life. The final Murcielago,the 4,099th Murcielago has been sold through the body of the new LP670-4 SV. The last official Murcielago to be made by Lamborghini.

At the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, when the SV was unveiled everybody knew this was the ultimate version of the Murcielago previously appeared on the Diablo, and Miura. SV variants are more extreme and track-orientated, and are released at the end of each model’s production run. The SuperVeloce’s V12 produces 661 BHP (493 kW; 670 PS) at 8000 rpm and 490 lb·ft (660 N·m) of torque at 6500 rpm. The car’s weight was also reduced by 100kg (220lb) through extensive use of Carbon Fiber inside and out. As a result of the extensive weight loss, the SV produces a power-to-weight ratio of 429 Bhp/long ton. In its June 2009 issue, Car and Driver magazine estimated that the LP 670-4 SV was capable of accelerating to 62 MPH (100 km/h) from a standing start in just 2.9 Secs and on to 124 MPH (200 km/h) in 7.4 Secs. 

Subsequent testing by “Road and Track” revealed a 0-60 time of 2.8 Secs and a quarter mile time of 10.9 Secs at 129.4 MPH. Lamborghini claims a top speed of 213 MPH (343 km/h) when the car is fitted with an optional smaller Spoiler, or 209 MPH (336 km/h) with the standard Aeropack wing. According to Maurizio Reggiani, head of Lamborghini R&D, the LP 670-4 SV’s steering was tuned for high-speed sensitivity. Production of the Murcielago SV was limited to 350 cars, and costs approximately £270,038 ($450,000 in 2009).

So if you have £270,00 lying around then go buy a Murcielago SV. It certainly is a good car, but the question is, is the SV better than the Ferrari 599 GTO. Here are the Murcielago’s stats:

Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV

Engine V12                                                   

Displacement 6496cc

Max power 661 BHP @ 8000rpm

Max torque 487lb ft @ 6500rpm

Weight (kerb) 1565kg

Power/weight 429 BHP/ton

0-62mph 2.9 secs (claimed)

Top speed 209 mph (claimed)

Basic price £270,038 (Approx)

Production Numbers 350

They are both striped out faster versions of they’re parents, but similarities end there. The Murcielago has exactly the same power as the Ferrari but is 1 MPH slower. The SV is quicker to 60 MPH though, £30,000 cheaper and has sold all 599 cars, making it more common than the Lambo, so this concludes that Lamborghini has sent off the Murcielago fighting and it has triumphantly won. We say goodbye to the Murcielago knowing it, like when it was first released, nearly a decade ago, do things no other car can do. Saddening. But look forward to the replacement, the Aventador and all to come from Lamborghini. Bye Bye Murcielago.


Lamborghini Murcielago


Author: Ryan Thrift

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