Old Rivals, New Cars!

24 February 2012
That right, after recent spy shots of the BRAND NEW 2013 Mercedes CLS63 Shooting Brake being released, Official pictures of Audi’s BRAND NEW RS4 Avant have been released, also for 2013. The big question is though, despite being family estates, which is the fastest?

                             Audi                                                  Mercedes

Top speed:         174 Mph (280 KM/H)                       155 Mph (Limited)
Power:                444 Bhp                                               557 Bhp
Boot space:        1,430 liters                                           N/A
Torque:              317 lbs-ft (430 Nm)                           516 lbs-ft 
Seats:                  4                                                            4
Doors:                 5                                                            5
Weight:               N/A                                                      N/A
0-60 Time:        4.7 Secs                                                N/A
Engine size:        4.2 liter V8                                          5.5 liter Bi-Turbo V8
Price:                   76,600 euros (£64,172 approx)      N/A

Unfortunately as you can see, Mercedes have been very secretive about the CL63 SB, and have not released many stats that can compare the two, but Audi have shown that there is certainly an improvement in the performance since the old RS4 Avant, but there is no word on a sedan version of it yet, but could not be revealed until the end of this year. The RS4’s expected to go on sale in Germany late November this year. While the Mercedes is expected to Debut late Summer, and sales start soon after, their will also be slower and economical versions of the CLS Shooting brake. But Mercedes are so behind on preparing the CLS SB range for sale, they haven’t even made they’re minds up on what they’re going to call it, CLS Shooting Brake range ? or CLS Wagon range? The CLS SB range was first revealed at the 2010, nearly two years ago! And all they’ve done since then is show a design, and test a mule (But not as bad as Lexus’ nine year project, the LF-A). 

There have been suspicions since Christmas 2011 that Audi would make a RS4, and people made a big fuss, but recently died down after it seemed there would be no chance an RS4 would be revealed until much later this year, but Audi, being very secretive revealed it with no concepts or designs at all. Showing Audi knows what they want with the RS4, unlike Mercedes.

It is hard to judge which one (if you have the money) to buy, as there are not enough facts to decide, but the Merc seems alot more hardcore than the Audi, it may not be production ready until weeks after the Audi is on sale, but is an extra 120 horsepower and 200 lbs-ft worth the wait?

Author: Ryan Thrift

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