Audi A1 Quattro – Small But Mighty

10 April 2012
After a much anticipated wait, Audi has officially announced that they will make a Quattro version of the A1. Shortly after Audi released a picture of it and what an amazing machine it looks, but not half as impressive as its power output, 256 Bhp. But is nowhere near as amazing as its price tag. Wait for it… 
£40,000 ($62,964). Ouch, that is going to hurt the wallet. But before you think, if I bought this I’d have to be crazy, hear of its supreme exclusivity. Only 333 will be made and 19, yep just 19 are coming to the UK, and with that amount of power you can now see how it has such a massive price tag.
So what about the technical stuff, well the A1 uses the same engine as the current S3, a 2.0 Litre TFSI inline four engine and like all Quattro’s, four wheel drive. But what is unusual about the engine, despite power, is how it accelerates. Because unlike a Mini Cooper S’ 0-60 time of 7.2 Secs, the the Audi will do it in a very impressive 6.7 Secs. Which doesn’t seem like much difference, but in a drag race is quite a big help, not to mention nearly twice the power.
Now what your thinking right now is how much it weighs, a not bad, 1,390 Kg. But compared to a Citroen DS3 Racing’s weight of 1,237 Kg’s (2728 lbs). And the Mini Cooper S’ weight of 1,215 Kgs (2,678 lbs), Looks a bit less impressive than the speed. 
But the sheer power of the car makes it the fastest in a drag race. Top speed of the Mini, 142 Mph. The Top Speed of the Citroen is 146 Mph. The Audi will keep on going until it reaches 152 Mph, and would easily win a drag race against the other two cars.
And although I haven’t tested it myself, I’ve heard it is AMAZING to drive, ESPECIALLY ON SNOW!
So at a price tag of £40k would I recommend it?
Well for a start you’d have to have enough money to bath in and be absolute bonkers to own it, and that’s exactly why you should!
Author: Ryan Thrift

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