An Icon Refreshed, For The 7th Time

29 September 2012



An Icon Refreshed, For The 7th Time
The Volkswagen Golf is a great car, all 6 generations were. They have come and gone in many different forms. Some faster and some more family based than others. However, VW believe perfection can always be improved and so for the past 38 years VW has updated the Golf with an new model every year. With a variety of different engines and numbers of seats. But every 5 or so years they bring out a new one which VW reckon is better and so far they haven’t disappointed.
Now though they have brought out a new one for next year, the Mk7. And although the new one is looking alot more updated over the previous generation Golf, the Mk6 is only 4 years old, which means it has had the shortest lifespan of any Golf ever. But the new Mk7 is set to be made in 2013 so the Mk6 is still going to be around for a few more months. But as all Golfs are meant to be sporty and practical it is going to compete against a it biggest rival, the Mk6.
It’s other rivals include the Audi A3, which is also being facelifted. The Seat Leon, which is based upon the VW Golf and thats not fair, and thats also being facelifted. Finally is the Ford Focus, but that we just chose the Mk6, the Focus is probably it biggest rival but oh well.
But first a bit of off topic news as the other 50% of Porsche that VW didn’t own has been bought by them. So the next Boxster could look like this .  .  .
And the Next Golf (Mk8) could look like this, however this is unlikely . . .
But the Mk7 Golf is not based on a Porsche and looks remarkably like it previous generation, so has the Golf revolution stopped? No it will never stop, the Golf is like a ceature. It will go on for a long time (maybe not thousands of years) but will not die. Unless sales plumit, which the way VW are going it doesn’t seem likely. No word on figures yet but this is certaily going to be a great car. Look how well Golfs are selling now, then think more!
Author: Ryan Thrift

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