Motor Mag Awards 2011/12 Part 2

4 September 2012
£40,000+ Track Car of the Year 2011/12

This is for sporty, track purposed cars for more than £40,000. This is for cars such as the Porsche 911 GT3 RS or Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca. But there can only be one winner and that is . . .

The Nissan GT-R Spec-V R35
The new GT-R has more power than any of the previous GT-R’s, but then so had last years GT-R, and the GT-R before that. Though this years standard GT-R has only 3 Bhp more than last years. But this is not the standard GT-R, this is the £106,000 (approx) Spec-V version. This car has 523 Bhp and a top speed of 197 Mph. The amazing part though is the way it gets to 60 Mph, it does it in 2.9 Secs but weighs 1730 Kg. How is that actually possible? The only thing that is as heavy as this but can accelerate this fast is the Bugatti Veyron. The difference is though a Veyron has an 8.0 Lire W16 engine with 4 Turbochargers and 1000 Bhp, but this 523 Bhp GT-R has a 3.8 Litre Twin Turbocharged V6. Yet can manage a 0-60 Time of only 0.3 Secs slower than a Veyron. Nissan have certainly done a good job with this car then, but what about it’s track performance, after all thats what it’s being rewarded for.
The only real way to describe it though is one of the best handling car in world, it is sharp in the corners with no understeer at all, and if you don’t want any, no oversteer either. It is obviously quick in a straight line and has recently set a Nurburgring time of 7 Minutes and 24 Secs which is quicker than a Pagani Zonda F and Ferrari Enzo. It also currently makes it the 13th fastest production car to ever go around the Nurburgring. That is an amazing achievement for Nissan, and proves just how track-focused this car is. That is why it is Motor Mag’s £40,000+ Track car of the Year.

Race Car of the Year 2011/12
This is for cars that are either Le Mans Racers or F1 cars, however it must not be a road legal car. This is for cars such as the Pagani Zonda R or Ferrari F150. But there can only be one winner and that is . . . 

#59 McLaren MP4-12C GT3
This bright orange car is Mclaren’s first GT3 car since the F1 GTR, it may not be quicker but it certainly is no snail. It currently has no figures other than it has a 3.8 Liter Twin Turbo V8 producing 493 Bhp, less than the road car. It is quite obviously lighter, and more aerodynamic than the road car, although the 12C road car was designed as Mclaren could get it.
I know i have chose this car without any real knowledge of it and have no idea what it is actually like, but it certainly looks like the part. It is a wildcard but it just looks so sleek and agile. If this was in a darker colour it would look like a jet fighter, and go like one too. It is handsome yet sinister, bright yet dark and aerodynamic yet twisted. It is a car with two-halves with lots of character. Thats why Motor Mag has chose it as Racing Car of the Year.

Ugliest Car of the Year 2011/12
This is for the most ugly piece of 4 wheeled car of the past year. This is for cars such as the Mini Coupe or Ferrari Enzo. But there can only be one winner and that is . . .

The Bentley EXP 9 Concept
“What an ugly machine, was the man who designed this mentally ill?” Were probably similar words to what was said when people at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show walked past this. How on earth did Bentley manage to make such a hideous monster? Were they actually trying to make people go blind? These are my choice of words to describe it. Bentley however disagree, The designer, Dirk van Braeckel says:
“EXP 9 F had to represent the absolute pinnacle of the sport utility sector, setting a new benchmark for this type of vehicle. The style had to reflect Bentley’s sporting character despite its radically different package and purpose together with sculptured, flowing surfaces in keeping with the Bentley tradition.”
But the true story is they have tried too hard to make to make it look like a Bentley on a SUV, so instead they have just decided the shape should be the same as a Range Rover and fitted it with Bentley lights, so now it looks like a bit like a jumped up Mulsanne and front vents that look the same as a Terminators eye (exaggeration). It also has 700 spoke wheels (exaggeration), and the rear similar to an Audi Q5. However despite all the slagging off, the interior is of the highest quality. The best bit though, the chances of it being made are 1 in a million as this is only a concept, so hopefully it will never be heard of again.

Best Concept of the Year 2011/12
This is for cars that are currently not being made, but may or may not be in the future. This is for cars such as the Citroen DS4 Racing Concept or Mclaren X-1 Concept. But there can only be one winner and that is . . .

The Jaguar F Type Concept
This car is probably my one of my favourite cars ever, it may not be a real car yet but the chances of it being made are likely. This is great news because this Jaguar’s main rival would be the Porsche 911. It is finally a chance for something other than the 911 to be the best sports car, which it has been for over 40 years. Even better, it will be more economical, as it’ll be a hybrid. However, the first F-Type to be made would be a Convertible, then the Coupe and then following could be a sportier version, but thats looking a bit too far ahead.
The base car will have a Supercharged 3.0 Litre V6 producing either 340 Bhp or 380 Bhp, but also there will be a Supercharged 5.0 Litre V8 version with an unknown amount of power, but expect around 460 Bhp. Though 100 or so of those horses will come from the Hybrid engine. And it will not only be better than the 911 in the category of power, but cheaper too. It will cost £55,000 or $87,000, which is a touch cheaper than the 911, and obviously being a hybrid, more economical. It will have a top speed of 186 Mph, which is equal to a 911.
To look at though is probably the greatest feature of the F Type. It futuristic yet has a classical side too. And it is to replace, not the XK, but the E Type, (Which if you have never heard of you probably don’t understand anything about this website). Though the E Type was made exactly 50 Years ago, now how could it take 50 years to make a replacement car. 
But it wasn’t exactly 50 Years ago, because back in 2003, the F Type concept (a very different one to this) was shown. And when it was that was it. But now after another 10 Years it should reach production.
So why are they actually making it? To make a 50th Anniversary E Type? Just another Concept? To finally make a 911 beater? I believe it is to show that although the XKR was a good sports car, and will be in the future, Jaguar are making a smaller, lighter and prettier car that in my eyes, is better than a Porsche 911.

Best Saloon Car of the Year 2011/12
This is for cars with 4 seats but because this is such a big category we’ve decided it must have 4 doors too. This is for cars such as the BMW 328i or Aston Martin Rapide. But there can only be one winner and that is . . .

The 2012 BMW M5
This is the new M5, however the M5 was first made in 1985. This is the fifth generation, and usually i’d write about it predecessor and the history, however i don’t have enough space on the website to write about it all, so your just going to have to read about the new F10 and a little about the previous E60.
With every new M5 out there is always speed upgrades and this new one is no different. It now has 552 Bhp, 52 more than the E60. It also has 502 lb-ft, which is 122 more than the E60. But although it seems bigger is better, BMW have decided to downgrade from the E60’s 5.0L V10 to a 4.4L V8 for the F10. But normally if you want the most out of a car you wouldn’t use a V6 you’d use a V12. But somehow BMW’s technology has advanced so much that they’ve managed to get more out of a V8 than a V10, although the V8 is Twin Turbocharged.
To also let you into a little secret, the next M3 could actually be using 3.3 Litre V6, which could or could not be Twin or just Turbocharged. But  could be slower than the current 4.4L V8 M3. But this is off topic, so lets get back to the M5. Which after all these years still has the same limited top speed of 155 Mph, but now all BMW feature this. Although it can be taken off and without it can do 190 Mph!
But if we put the E60 and F10 in a drag race who would win? The quite easy answer would be the F10, as it has a 0-60 Mph time of 4.4 Secs and the E60 does it in 4.7 Secs. But the harder question is which is faster out of the Mercedes C63 and E63, Cadillac CTS-V, Audi RS4, RS6 and RS5 and of course the BMW M6.
2012 BMW M6: 4.2 Secs
2011 Mercedes C63 AMG: 4.4 Secs
2011 Mercedes E63 AMG: 4.3 Secs
2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe: 4.1 Secs
2013 Audi RS4: 4.3 Secs
2011 Audi RS5: 4.6 Secs
2010 Audi RS6: 4.6 Secs
2012 BMW M5: 4.4 Secs
These cars here are the ones you should choose if you’ve got £90,000 to spend but don’t want to be flashy. The all drive very well but the M5 is probably the one with the most (controlled) fun. This concludes that yes the new M5 is not the fastest in class. But it is certainly brilliant to drive and for the £75,000 that you pay you’d expect it to be.

Shooting Brake/Estate of the Year 2011/12
This is for cars that are estates only, they must not be 4×4’s or SUV’s. This is for cars such as the Hyundai i40 Tourer or Vauxhall Insignia VXR Sports Tourer. But there can only be one winner and that is . . .

The Ferrari FF
This car looks like it is trying to smile but it looks so evil with it body shape and alloys. I not sure Ferrari are sure they know what this car is about, why did they actually build it? Was it just a one-off? Did they just fancy a change instead of making supercars? Were they trying to prove a point? Or was it really that they did want it to be a family friendly car, is that what FF means for? No it doesn’t actually, it means Ferrari Four so it’s actually called the Ferrari Ferrari Four. But more to the point the Four in it means 4 as in 4 wheel drive. Not only has it Four wheel drive but Four seats too which is practical. But wait a second, a Ferrari that is practical, next you’ll find out it has a 2.0L Flat 4 . . . Well it doesn’t, Ferrari may have gone family-friendly but not Eco-friendly as it has a 6.2L V12 and 660 Bhp. The same as an Enzo. Not to mention a 0-60 Time of 3.7 Secs which is quicker than some supercars. Also included is a top speed of 208 Mph, not to mention some 500 lb-ft. This makes it the fastest 4 seater in the world. But now we have that dealt with lets turn to it practical side i mentioned earlier. Lets compare some of it qualities with other cars. 
Boot Space: 
FF: Up to 800 Litres
The same as: x2 Peugeot 508 RHX 
FF: 17 Mpg
The same as: BMW M5 E60 or Vauxhall Vivaro (Van) 
FF: £227,000 ($350,000)
The same as: Lexus LFA or Murcielago LP640 (Supercars) 
FF: 1,880 Kg
The same as: 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS 
Units Made A Year: 
FF: 800
The same amount as: Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series 
This shows the ups and downs of the Ferrari FF and if you had £230,000 to spend on a car then i’m sure you wouldn’t be worrying about fuel costs and how many are going to be made. You’d just want to buy one.
Muscle Car of the Year 2011/12
This is for cars that are american only with big engines and must be small MPG’s. This is for cars such as the 2013 SRT Viper or Dodge Charger. But there can only be one winner and that is . . .

The 2013 Shelby GT500
650 Bhp is what it produces, 650! The previous car had 550 Bhp. To demonstrate just how big this jump is, imagine 10 years from now.
Because if the power continues to increase at this rate by 2024 the it could have 1150 Bhp. Which seems nearly possible considering Shelby have just made a limited edition, 1000 car with an acclaimed 1000 Bhp. This car actually has 950 Bhp, but still is quite alot of power, enough to worry a Koenigsegg. It was built in honor of the late Shelby Carroll, and is based on the Super Snake model. It also is the most powerful car Shelby have ever made.  But at the moment we must make do with ‘just’ 650 Bhp. Not to mention a top speed of 200 Mph+. Also is a modest 631 lb-ft and a 0-60 Mph time of just 3.5 Secs.
Meaning in a race it will beat a Camaro ZR1 easily and beat a Corvette Z06. But the 1000 is not the only car to win some awards as the GT500 has picked up an amazing award that some have wanted for years. It is has the most powerful V8 in the world. The engine in question was a 5.7 Litre V8. The car is as usual for a muscle car, heavy. 1,750 Kg in fact. This is a truly amazing car and because it has all the features that a muscle car needs, and more, it is simply the best.


Manufacturer of the Year 2011/12
This is for any car manufacturer that Motor Mag thinks has achieved the most this past 12 months. But there can only be one winner and that is . . .

It was a tough desicion, the choice was between Kia and it partner company Hyundai. However Kia have made a stunning range of cars over the past 12 months and they have therefore been picked. They don’t make any cars that are Very fast or even any sporty cars but with that brilliant 7 year warranty and they’re cheap and cheerful cars they are in a league of they’re own.

The Kia Sportage



The Kia Rio



The Kia Optima



The Kia Sorento



The Kia Forte



The Kia Soul



Kia Picanto



The Kia Cerato



The Kia Cee’d


These are all the wonderful cars Kia makes currently and as you can see it it quite a range. You may mock Kia’s but they are very good cars. And for that Kia has been picked as best manufacturer 2012.

Car of the Year 2011/12
This is for any car featured in the Motor Mag Awards articles. This is for cars such as the Ferrari FF or BMW 650i Cabriolet. But there can only be one grand winner and that is . . .
The Ford Focus ST
Yes our grand winner is the Ford Focus ST and it is, in our eyes, the best car of 2011 and 2012. Here is what we said . . .

“For this category there are many choices to pick a favourite from, but in the end the Brand New Ford Focus ST was chosen by Motor Mag as the best Hot Hatch on the market today. First impressions of the crazy ST when pictures were released were that it was going to be a bonkers car. With its body kit, fantastic ‘Tangerine Scream’ paintwork and tinted rear lights it was assumed to be a Boy Racer’s kinda car.
When figures were released it seemed even more so as it’s 2.0 Litre 4 cylinder Eco-boost engine was to produce 252 Bhp and 270 lb-ft. As well as be able to do 39 Mpg and 60 Mph in 6.5 Secs. The top speed is limited to 154 Mph, making it very quick. Also with a prices starting at £21,995 its good value for money too, of course there are optional extras such as different coloured paintwork, a range of more comfortable or firmer seats, despite the standard seats being reasonably soft already. Not to mention better window wipers and more. 
There is also an ST wagon with some optional extras too with base prices of £23,095. This means that with a few necessary extras the hatchback ST is exactly the same price as the much slower Golf GTi. But with nearly all optional extras its the same price as its main rival the Vauxhall Astra VXR, which is £26,995. But the Focus is much more agile and better to drive than the Astra, although the VXR might just be better in a straight line because of it’s power advantage, but heavier. Plus if you spend the same money as the base Astra VXR’s on the Focus ST your getting a lot more stuff for your money. It also makes a much better noise.
The Focus also is much lighter at 1362 Kg and looks it too, the Astra though looks wide and fat and is compared to the Focus as it is 1475 Kg. Though this is quite obvious as the ST looks sleeker and more poised. So because of all of this of course the ST is a better buy than the Astra VXR, and is therefore the best Hot Hatch on the market today.”
Great, and that sums up this years greatest cars, next autumn we will reveal 2012 and 2013’s best cars but at the moment the Ford Focus ST wears the crown.

Author: Ryan Thrift

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