Fiat: Make Something New

27 January 2013

I think that over the past 30 Months or so Fiat have completely flopped. They have come up with nothing new or interesting other than the replacement Fiat Panda. Since they have used these two cars to make them try and fit in to every class there is. For instance,

the Fiat 500L . . .

Or the Fiat 500XL . . .

Or the Fiat 500X . . .

So i think youve got the picture now, but has anyone noticed any similarities between them? Yes, they all are 500’s. Which basically means that Fiat have run out of ideas for designs and names for a wider variety of cars. And have therefore used a base model 500 and made it bigger and roughly like the catergory it would be in to suit it. An they havent done it very well if im honest. The designs for them all are awful, they look so out of place and generally ugly. Only the 500L has been comfirmed for production and the others do seem likely to make it unfortuanately.

Why Fiat? Surely you can do better than this, the base 500 is a great small car. But all of the bove are hideious and pointless. Theyre rivals will just outclass them in nearly all factors. People will choose the Vauxhall Mokka over the 500X wich looks remakabley similar to me. Families will choose Renualt’s over the 500XL, and will choose the Mini Countryman over the 500L.

To me it all seems a waste of time and money, this line up seems to me that it could flop so much that it could end Fiat all together.

At this moment you may be thinking that i have a vendetta against Fiat. I dont, Fiat are great, the Panda is a lovely little car and so is the 500 abarth. And the Punto sells well too. And the beautiful Twin-Air engines, that will most likely be in the cars above, will make  them great to drive. But surely if your looking for a way to make more money, you’d have a better line up than the above. You just have to look at rivals and think to yourself, they are better and around the same price.

Every manufactuar, has to explore the unknown, making a car for a different type of buyer. Lexus for instance when they made the LFA supercar. It was nothing like any of they’re other cars before. But the 500’s are all the same just in different ugly bodies. Its almost as if they have lost theyre inagination.

Also, every car manufactuar has theyre weakness car. Mitsubishi for instance with the Colt. Or BMW with the X6. But when you have the bad cars out weighing the good ones then there are serious issues. For Fiat, this is the case.

The good ones are the 500, maybe the Punto, The new Panda and Abarth versions.

The bad ones, The 500C, Doblo, Qubo, Bravo, The 500X, 500L, 500XL and Panda 4×4.

And so that its not all that the cars are rubbish. Some of them arent. Its that every single car there has one that is better and sells better than it. Fiat, please, please, please make a new car that is new, amazing and 100% not related to the 500!

Author Ryan Thrift

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