Rapide S? Replacement or Upgrade

27 January 2013

Pictured above is the Aston Martin Rapide S, an apparent replacement for the old Rapide from 2010. However, a clue in the name Rapide ‘S’ suggests something maybe slightly sportier about it. Aston Martin dismiss’ this claim by saying it is ‘a more refined car’. But also saying it is ‘much more powerful and efficient.’ So, is it an upgreade, or replacement Aston Martin? For now, we pressume upgrade, we wont find out for a while because the car is not available until early 2014.

 But not only the change in name, with the ‘S’, Aston Martin state that the car has a considerable more amount of power, up from 470 Bhp to a large 550 Bhp. Making it even more supercar-y than it was before. It still weighs the same but that extra power will still make it quicker. Proven very much so as the 0-60 Mph time has been sliced 0.1 Secs from 5.0 to 4.9 Secs. Rememeber, this is froma four door car, which still has the same amount f space as in the predecessor. But a few things remain the same, the Top speed for instane, 190 Mph.

But these are things that the owners of the Rapide S will ignore, as Aston Martin’s have stated that its certainly not a racers car, it is a luxourious, refined car for families to use. It is elegance and class. Though this i disagree with, i believe the previous Rapide was a prettier car, although Aston claim the car to be a ‘new design’ it seems to have part Virage and part DB9 in its DNA. From the back it does seem the same, and mostly so at the front. The only bit that has changed, and bothers me, is the grille. It just doesnt look right. It looks stange and almost ugly in a way.

So how much is ultimate luxury four doors then, well a Bentley Continental GT V8 is £135,000 (approx). An Original AM Rapide was £140,000 (approx), and the ‘S’ is expected to go at around £150,000. So in other words, very expensive.

Which do i pick, i imagine you ask? Well that is the sort of money that you could buy a good second hand Ferrari 458 italia or McLaren MP4-12C. Or if you had a little more, brand new ones. But if you desperately wanted a four door sports car, go buy a top luxury spec Jaguar XFR Speed Pack for £100,000. There honestly isnt that much difference between them, not enough for a £50,000 extra anyway. Sorry, Aston Martin, but its just too pricey.

Author: Ryan Thrift

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