Honda Civic 2012 – All New Model with Aggressive Looks

31 December 2011
Honda Civic 2012 concept

Honda Civic 2012 concept

Honda Civic is a not just a car! It is passion. It stands tall in different areas and if you assemble every aspect of a sedan it will be well ahead of other sedans at this moment. Honda Civic has been holding this elegance over the years. This time again in 2012 the 9th generation Honda Civic will come with much changed looks. Front side of the car is changed and has made it look quite impressive and aggressive as well. Grills and headlights are much attractive than ever before. Lets’ take a look at the features of this brand-

Powerful Engine

Engine has always been a trademark of this particular Honda model. Powerful 1.8L, 4 cylinder I-VTEC engine with 1799 cc of displacement talks a lot about this model. Although the same I-VTEC engine is used in Honda City yet Civic comes with the engine with more displacement and more power. The 1.8L petrol engine develops 132 PS power at 6300 rpm and generates a maximum torque of 17.5 Kgm at 4300 rpm.


Honda Civic comes in two different variations when transmission is concerned, one is 5 speed automated with paddle shift and other one is 5 sped manual with gears.

Mileage or fuel efficiency

Advanced Programmable Electronic Fuel Injection (APFEI) technology is used in Honda Civic which ensures better fuel efficiency. In case of automatic transmission fuel efficiency is considerably less which may be a concern if you compare this giant car with hatchbacks but decent in comparison to other sedans; 15.5 kmpl on highways is good enough for a powerful 1799 cc I-VTEC engine. In city mileage drops a bit and comes down to 10.2 kmpl. In case of automatic transmission enabled Honda Civic mileage drops down to 8.9 kmpl in city and 13.1 kmpl on highways.

Interior Designing

No question about elegance; comes with 3 spoke steering system, leather wrapped seats, powerful music system possibly a 6 speaker audio system; everything is ready to deliver you satisfaction.


Honda Civic comes with 15 inch 5 spoke alloy wheels and looks extremely good. Tires are tubeless and the tire size is 195/65 R 15 and the rim size is 15×6 J. Honda Civic comes with advanced braking system and improved suspension. Front discs are ventilated while the rear disks are normal.


Advanced G-CON technology is used to ensure safety even in worst case. Apart for that ABS or anti lock braking system, electronic brake force distribution or EBFD assists drivers in case of any accident. Pretensioner seat belts are there for better safety.



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