The Kia GT Concept Car

1 December 2011

Kia is name that is much admired and respected in the car manufacturing industry, and its newest concept car is being greeted with enormous anticipation. As one of the most watched for cars, the Kia GT Concept raised great interest at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This model brings Kia to new levels of engineering; integrated with the latest in automotive technology and the future of automotive standards.

Engine and Performance

The Kia GT concept is powered by a Normal V6 Engine. However, power remains guaranteed and performance is set at its optimum level. It has a displacement of 3300.00 cc and produces 395.00 HP and 393.72 ft-lb torque. It has an 8 speed automatic transition. Measuring 74.41 wide, 184.65 inches long, and a wheelbase of 112.60 inches, the car has enough build to be carried out by its powerful engine. These innovative engine features makes the Kia GT perfect for long drives, while maintaining the overall value and performance of the car.

Exterior Features

On the outside, the GT concept looks powerful, dynamic and forward-thinking. Its sleek and muscular proportions suggest a car that will allow you to take control of the road in a powerful way. A sight to see on the streets, the GT concept is an elegant four-seater with a classic front-engine, rear-wheel drive draft. This has enormous appeal to Kia’s immediate Korean market, and to European and American consumers as well. The car has an aeronautical inspiration, headlined by the multi-piece propeller-style alloy and carbon-fibre wheels. It has strong and coherent flowing lines from the head to the rear that create an impression of solidity.

Interior Features

The inside features of the Kia GT exude a great deal of luxury and convenience. Amenities are an important aspect of any high-end automobile and contribute to making the driving experience an exceptional one. It uses high-grade materials that enhance the interior features with a great combination of colors and shades. It is also spacious enough to avoid tension and stress and long rides.

There are many car models from various manufacturers in the concept space, competing to wow drivers and critics alike with their innovative technology, modern design and engineering that reaches new levels of performance. Car companies strive to be on the cutting edge of the market as it evolves and matures each year. Overall, the GT combines convenience, luxury, style and performance for a memorable driving experience.


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