Signs of a Failing Automatic Transmission

7 November 2011

An automatic transmission is a transmission which changes gear automatically on reaching a certain speed which is already being set in the vehicle’s computerized system. It is considered to be the most complex and complicated transmission system in the modern vehicles. The main components of modern automatic transmission are mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and computer controls. The working of all these components is so quick and instantaneous that we never noticed them until or unless we have a problem. All the components work in a perfect harmony.

It is not always possible to go without having any problem. With the passage of time one or another part may fail to work as effectively as it used to do often. Sometimes you need to replace the things which are not working properly. To replace transmission is not an economical task. It costs you much when it needs to be replaced for some reasons. But with certain things in mind you can easily fix the problem and save your money. There are given some typical issues which often cause your transmission to fail or make it ineffective. You need to keep them in mind for better performance of your automatic transmission.


If ever you find that you are having problem while shifting the vehicle or gears are taking unnecessary time to engage then there must be a problem with your transmission. This is called shifting problem. There are so many other reasons for shifting rather than transmission. This problem might be due to linkage cable, which is sometimes not considered as transmission problem.


This problem mostly occurs while changing between the gears. Slipping often produced a sort of sound between the gear shifts and gears take too much time to engage in driving. This is another sign of transmission failing.


Any kind of unusual and strange noise while your vehicle is shifting may be due to transmission. You need to check the time of noise and the shifting of the vehicle. If the noise is coming exactly at the time of shifting then you must contact your transmission mechanic.


It is important to keep an eye on the floor of the parking lot. If you ever find any kind of fluid or oil on the floor this means that something is leaking. Leakage in transmission fluid may cause severe damage to your transmission or your engine. This transmission fluid not only keeps the transmission cool, but it also keeps the transmission gear lubricated to keep them from friction.
Continuous friction would result in breaking the transmission gear.

Check Engine Light

Never take the engine light casually. Whenever it comes on, it is better to consult your mechanic before it is too late. Engine light can either be on for minor problem or major one.


No movement in your vehicle when you start the engine and try to shift the car into drive can be another sign of transmission failure. It is a major sign and needs immediate remedy.


The only prevention to avoid these signs is the regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is considered to be the key of all these solutions. Remember minor problems always cost less than major ones. So be careful and have a better look on the condition and problems of your vehicle.

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