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Cosworth – Turning Good to Awesome

23 April 2012

Cosworth is like Jesus in some ways, what is does is take Fords saloons and hatches and turns them from water to wine, not literally. Nowadays known as Fast Fords. What they do is add more power and sometimes strip away excess weight, tweak with suspension and add better brakes and out comes a hatches...

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Audi A1 Quattro – Small But Mighty

10 April 2012

After a much anticipated wait, Audi has officially announced that they will make a Quattro version of the A1. Shortly after Audi released a picture of it and what an amazing machine it looks, but not half as impressive as its power output, 256 Bhp. But is nowhere near as amazing as its price tag. Wait for it… ...

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Beyond Perfection?

4 April 2012

It is hard to fault the BMW 1 series M Coupe, it long name is quite complicated and the ride is maybe a touch to firm, but besides that it is probably one of the best cars in the world. It is certainly the best BMW Ever. When it was shown on You Tube...

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Can Cars Be Good Looking?

3 April 2012
Can Cars Be Good Looking?

The Alfa Romeo 8C, The Aston Martin DBS, The Ferrari 458 Italia. These are just some examples of cars which are good looking. But how are cars good looking? How can a car be attractive? As an example the Jaguar XKR is curvy, wavy and flowing. A car that is shaped aerodynamically so that it...

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