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19 January 2013

Recently there was the Detroit Motor Show and some new and exciting cars have been revealed. But not only there have new cars been revealed, since august, we have seen many vehicles that have caught our eye. Currently, after seeing all of them, we’ll mention some of them below. A few with specs and full details. As specs haven’t come out on many of them, the summary maybe a bit . . . brief.

To begin with, a headliner at the Detroit Motor Show. A car which has already been entioned briefly on MotorMag, with big stinking V8 with alot of history. Please welcome the new Corvette C7.

It still has its legendary V8, this time a new 6.2 Litre. The base car with 450 BHP, which is up 20 BHP from the previous gen Corvette, the C6. But though it still has the huge V8, it will also be the most fuel efficent, supposedly execceding its estimated 26 MPG. With them also making it more agile and tougher looking. With reaching and even exceeding 1G in corners. Though if you had spent nearly $200,000,000 on a car, like Chevrolet have, you’d  expect it to be as good as this. But has it paid off, because this car is designed for drag racing. And therefore with a 0-60 time of just 4 secs, its only rival of similar price would be the 2013 Shelby Mustang or 2013 Nissan GT-R. However this list could expand as the car won’t arrive until late 2013. No news on top speed, but it is said to excceed 190 MPH and could even reach 200+ MPH.

But more intesting news show that the car can swith from V8 to V4 mode. Which begs the question, has the Corvette gone soft and all green? Find out later in the year when it is driven.



In other news, the Ford Fusion has begun production and will soon arrive in Europe as the Mondeo, but this action won’t take place for another few months, but test have shown the replacementis very good and has been a successful improvement. Great for Mr Family Man.



But obviously we couldnt leave this one out for any longer, its big news for everyone and so all we have to do is mention the name and it will excite you. . . Lamborghini Gallardo.

Now you may be thinking, well didnt Lamborghini say there would be a replacement for this a while ago. Well you would be right.  Lamborghini, however have decided differently and have come back with the all new Gallardo. Which at first glance, looks completely the same as the old one. But study every detail extremely carfully and you’ll notice it does have a lot ore sharper and pointy edges to it now. For instance, the bumper now includes a wide variety of odd triangular shapes. You may also notice that the wing mirror has a more futuristic pointy flat shape to it. This all adds up to trying to make it faster. And by stripping some considerable amount of weight off of it and adding 15 BHP it goes 0.1 secs quicker to 60 MPH,  now 3.7 secs and has the same top speed, 202 MPH.  This isnt a giant leap for Lamborghini  as there is nothing new or very unquie about this car, it seems to  be lurking in the shadow of the still great old Gallardo.



So, after a small disappiontment there. I bring to you a very new out of the blue car from . . . Mercedes. So if you think the current range of 14 cars isnt enough, from coupes to SUVs, Estates to Supercars. Then now is a whole new 15th model. The CLA class.

And as a start i want to say it is a very handsome car. This maybe because it is meant to be a car which is a cheaper, smaller version of the most beautiful mercedes, the CLS. Its like a baby CLS in other words. And with samller but perky engines featuring an extremeley atrractive CLA250 producing 211 Bhp. There isnt much other news on the car other than its range but most of all we arehoping an AMG version we be announced in 2014/15. Fingers crossed all.


Another great car anticipated for years and revealed at Detriot was the new Honda/Acura NSX Concept. There is absolutuelyno news on it at all other than it will be made, eventually.



Stepping away from Detroit’s Concepts of the last few days i’d just like to remind you all of the Jaguar F-type and Alfa Romeo 4C. Both beginning production this year.

The Alfa 4C, above, has been questioned over the last year whether it will actually be made, and it will, there is no real on it other than it will begin production in a few months and has a 0-60 time of under 5 secs.

Now over to the past year the F-Type has been refered on MotorMag many a time, if you’d like to read a brief review or see it in last years awards line up click the links below.



After reading both of those articles, there is not much more to say, other than go buy one, it could be in the awards this year too as it will be on sale in April/May time.

There will be more concepts this year and with news of the Volkswagen Golf mk7 being made now, then there will be many more models coming this year. MotorMag will keep you updated of all the news and updates of cars coming this year. Happy New Year everybody.

Author: Ryan Thrift


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